Competitive Sport Club
Names and symbols can convey powerful archetypes and memes. However, the history of the Club's name is a bit mundane. "Sushi Masters" derives from the Club's first sponsor, Hana Sushi, located in Los Angeles California. The restaurant, decorated with pictures of Japanese sport heroes, provided a stack of its T-shirts for the Club to use as uniforms during competitions. (Putting our team picture on the wall clinched the deal.) Numbers were merely slapped on the back. The restaurant's logo – a maniacal sushi chef wielding a large knife in a death-battle with a giant fish – covered the entire front of the shirt. Thus, the origin of the word "Sushi" in the Club's name. The word "Masters" was included to denote how old the team members were... even back at the beginning.

Rather quickly the Club decided that it needed its own unique logo, carefully crafted to convey its timeless core messages. The selection of the original Sushi Master logo elements – created by the boutique design atelier Chop Shop - was purposeful. Their message was sublime.

The Olympic crest is modeled on a very old design used by U.S. Olympic Teams and the U.S. Olympic Committee. The Sumo crest incorporates a wrestler bursting out of his confines. Sumo spans over a century of honor and tradition: it combines the physical of sport with the transcendence of religion. When one becomes as old as a Sushi Master, the reason for still competing – or even just working out - must lie in the spiritual. (Although one would be remiss not to point out the similarity between the physique of the Sumo and the current physique of many of the members.)